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Precautions for maintenance of gas generator set

Precautions for maintenance

1. Each component of the generator set must be maintained in accordance with the method and time specified in the manual. Overdue non-maintenance or improper maintenance methods will cause the performance of the unit to decline, and even cause serious accidents.

(Special attention: when maintaining the unit, care should be taken to prevent cotton yarn from getting caught in the rotating part, even where there is a protective net)



2. The gas pipelines, valves, flanges, joints, etc. should be checked regularly (Figure 1 ↑). There should be no gas leakage or damage. There should be no deposits that hinder the operation of the valve. The valve should be opened and closed regularly. For maintenance, valves that cannot be opened or closed or that are not tightly closed should be repaired or replaced in time. Welcome to contact us to provide replacement suggestions.

3. The hose on the gas pipeline should be replaced regularly. It is very important to replace the expired and aging hose in time. Especially the hose connected with the supercharger (specific to individual models), if aging causes gas leakage, it will cause serious accidents such as fire and explosion. Datenone can provide free replacement hoses after sale. You only need to forward the article on the official account and contact our Datenone partner.


4. Check whether the cable connection is tight or insulated regularly.

5. When operating, maintaining and rushing to repair the unit and gas pipelines, the gas source must be reliably cut off and the internal gas must be blown out. Before the cause of the accident is found and the necessary safety measures are taken, the gas supply must not be restored to the gas facility. During maintenance and repair, explosion-proof measures should be taken or explosion-proof tools should be used, and it is strictly forbidden to use iron and other tools for knocking operations.

6. The emergency repair of gas leakage should be carried out after reducing the gas pressure or cutting off the gas source. When the leak has burned, measures should be taken to control the fire before reducing the pressure or cutting off the gas source. Negative pressure in the pipeline is strictly prohibited.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use electric welding on the unit, so as not to cause sparks to ablate the alloy layer in the bearing gap.

8. When the engine is in normal working condition or when the temperature of the body and cylinder head is high, it is strictly forbidden to wash with cold water. Otherwise, the engine block and cylinder head will crack under rapid temperature changes, causing serious accidents and scrapping the engine block and cylinder head.

9. Affected by the environment and interference signals, the unit sometimes gives false alarms and shuts down. Operators must not dismantle the shutdown protection device arbitrarily, otherwise it will overspeed and cause malignant accidents such as drawbars, pull shafts, jacking cylinders, broken rocker arms, broken connecting rods, broken pistons, broken cylinders, and broken body.

10. If the electric butterfly valve (or solenoid valve) is damaged, it should be repaired and replaced in time, and must not be bundled! Otherwise, it will speed up, causing pull, pull shaft, top cylinder, broken rocker arm, broken connecting rod, broken piston, and broken cylinder. , Smash the body and other vicious accidents.

11. It is strictly forbidden to open all lead seal parts during use.


12. The electronic speed governor, generator voltage regulator board, monitor and other components have been adjusted by the technical service personnel of the factory. Unless they are replaced with new ones, the user is not allowed to change the parameter settings at will.

13. When the unit is parked for a long time, it should be sealed up. Before the new machine is out of storage period or re-use after long-term storage, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out. Usually, the cylinder head is opened, the internal condition of the cylinder liner is checked, the turbocharger turbine is toggled, the turbine rotation is checked, and the generator insulation test is performed. If there is obvious rust, damp and other abnormal conditions, it must be completely dismantled and inspected. After the treatment is completed and the maintenance is qualified, it can be used.

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