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Yidaneng Gas Generator Set Daily Maintenance Manual

Dateneng Gas Generator Set Daily Maintenance Manual

1. Regularly drain the liquid in the gas filter to prevent freezing in winter. (According to the actual situation, it can also be shut down during weekly maintenance)

2. Check whether there is water, residual liquid, impurities, etc. in the gas pipeline, and clean the gas pipeline. (According to the actual situation, it can also be shut down during weekly maintenance)

3. Use a gas leak alarm to check whether the gas pipeline is leaking. If a leak is found in the gas pipeline, troubleshoot the problem in time.

4. Check the air source pressure gauge to see if the indicated value of the air source pressure meets the requirements of the unit.


5. Pull out the oil dipstick and check whether the oil quality and oil level meet the requirements, otherwise, the oil should be replaced or added. (As shown in FIG)


6. Check whether the water level of the external cooling pool and the water level in the radiator water tank reach the specified position. At the same time, check the water quality of the cooling water, and add cooling water or anti-rust oil, antifreeze and other additives as needed. (As shown in FIG)

7. Check and eliminate the water, oil and air leakage of the unit, wipe the surface of the unit, and keep the appearance of the unit and the working environment clean and tidy.。


8. Check whether the instruments and electrical components work reliably, otherwise repair or replace them. (As shown in FIG)


9. Observe the various parameters of the unit indicated by the monitoring instrument, especially the changes in the oil pressure, oil temperature, cooling water temperature, cylinder temperature and exhaust temperature, make a good operation record of the unit, and analyze the various parameters. If an abnormality is found, the corresponding fault should be found and eliminated in time.


10. Monitor the sound of the engine, observe the exhaust pipe and the respirator. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, find the cause and eliminate it in time.

11. Check whether the forced ventilation device in the computer room is working properly.

12. Check whether the gas alarm system is working properly.

Some of the above operations can be performed remotely and intelligently using the Yidaneng cloud platform (see picture)


When your unit has a problem, you can use the Yidaneng cloud platform to check the status of the unit and operate the unit for the first time. For details, please consult our sales and service personnel.

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