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Skid-Mounted Integrated Biogas Comprehensive Purification Treatment (Wet desulfurization)

Desulfurization for biogas purification

The anaerobic fermentation of biogas contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) (usually above 5000ppm--7500mg/Nm³, which greatly exceeds the safe range of gas internal combustion engines <200ppm). H2S will seriously corrode the moving parts of the internal combustion engine (spark plugs, valves, Piston rings, etc.), there are serious safety hazards.

The current biogas purification equipment industry is divided into dry desulfurization and wet desulfurization.

This time we will give you a brief introduction to wet desulfurization.

Wet desulfurization adopts a skid-mounted integrated design, which integrates various functions such as H2S removal, dust removal, dehydration, cooling, gas storage, and constant pressure (adjustable pressure) transportation. It has a small footprint and is convenient and quick to install on site. The system has the functions of real-time monitoring of lye PH value, automatic water-filling-stirring and automatic liquid level control.

Principle of acid-base neutralization desulfurization process:

The lye generation tower uses cheap soda ash (Na2CO3) as the working medium. Through the water dissolution reaction, a clear alkaline solution containing Na+ and CO32- and OH- ions is generated. The clear alkaline solution is sprayed into the spray through the lye circulation pump. The acid-base neutralization reaction is carried out in the leaching tower with the H2S in the biogas to achieve the purpose of H2S removal.


Installation-Just 5 Easy Steps

1. The skid-mounted chassis is seated and anchored by bolts;

2. Installation of the biogas intake pipe (the inlet of the frequency conversion Roots blower is connected to the biogas storage tank)

3. Installation of biogas outlet pipeline (the outlet of the gas-liquid separator is connected to the biogas generator set)

4. Installation of sewage pipeline (lead out to sewage well)

5. Power cable installation (connected from the power distribution cabinet to the intelligent control cabinet)

Installation completed (skid-mounted modular design, small footprint, convenient installation, time-saving, labor-saving, and money-saving)

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