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Natural Gas

Oilfield operations typically release large amounts of natural gas, and YDNPOWER provides power generation solutions that use this low-cost fuel to power oil and gas production bases around the world.


How to do that?

Under normal circumstances, the associated gas generated by oil production operations can only be burned directly through the torch, otherwise it is costly to collect. The fuel flexible gas engine, developed by INNIO, offers an alternative solution that converts field gas directly into electricity for applications such as drilling RIGS, artificial gas lifts, oil drilling and worker camps.

Combustion rich technology: The Waukesha gas engine, developed by INNIO, is ideal for use in the toughest environments. It uses combustion rich technology to accurately control the air-fuel ratio to achieve a theoretical air-fuel ratio.

Low emissions: With a triple catalyst, a rich combustion engine produces much lower emissions (such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons) than a lean-burn engine.

Proven reliability: Combustion rich engines have been proven to consistently deliver reliable performance in gas compression applications in a variety of field environments, including high calorific value fuel applications, more than 50% load progression capability, and extended maintenance intervals.

High altitude performance: While turbocharged diesel engines typically require power reduction at altitudes above 1,500 feet (457 meters), combustion technology provides greater flexibility at 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) and full power operation.

Fuel flexibility: Because the combustion engine runs without knock and has a wide normal ignition area, it can adapt to a variety of low quality fuels and high load operation...

Thin burn technology: In LNG-powered drilling applications, INNIO's Yambach gas engine provides efficient thin burn control, especially for mobile field applications.


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