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Weifang Jinxinda Tableware Processing Center

6.jpgProject location: Weifang, Shandong

Project Type: Weifang Jinxinda Tableware Processing Center

Gas type: biogas

The project is located in Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone. Jinxinda is a restaurant and kitchen 

waste disposal franchise unit in Weifang City. It is a green environmental protection, circular economy, and 

renewable energy project filed and supported by the National Development and Reform Commission. This 

project will become a dining area in Weifang City. It processes 200 tons of kitchen waste per day and produces 

600-800 cubic meters of biogas per hour. The project is equipped with our company's 400kW biogas combined 

heat and power unit (CHP). Since it was put into operation in October 2018, it has been running continuously 

for nearly 20,000 hours and generating more than 4.5 million kWh. The generator set can produce high-temperature 

steam at the same time, part of which meets the steam required for production, and part of it is used for winter 

heating of the factory.


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