As a by-product of oil exploration, the amount of oil-associated gas cannot meet the conditions for industrial recovery. It is directly discharged into the air or lit sky lanterns, which not only wastes resources, but also causes environmental pollution, which is still a great safety hazard. 

The use of oil-associated gas for power generation can not only solve the problem of on-site production and living electricity, but also make full use of associated gas resources, eliminating environmental pollution and potential fire hazards caused by ignition torches. The waste heat of flue gas and circulating water is recovered to produce hot water, which heats the crude oil, provides hot water for on-site life, and improves resource utilization. The total efficiency of thermal power is as high as 85%. 

Replace coal-fired boilers, reduce costs and reduce pollutant emissions. 

Save fuel costs, reduce operating and management costs, and gas-fired generator sets have accumulated 35,000 hours of operation without major repairs

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