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Cogeneration / CHP

Gas cogeneration units mainly use natural gas as fuel for internal combustion engines to generate electricity. The heat from exhaust heat and cylinder liner is recovered to provide hot water or steam for daily life and industrial production.


The gas cogeneration unit is composed of gas engine, AC alternator, heat recovery system and control system. The mechanical energy generated by the combustion of gas in the internal combustion engine drives the alternator to output 380V three-phase AC electricity, which can be for both self-use and power grid. The high temperature (550-600℃)exhaust gas and the cylinder liner water ( 80-90 ℃) can produce high temperature hot water (< 85℃) through the waste heat recovery system for domestic hot water or winter heating.

Features and Benefits

  • Cogeneration systems can provide both electricity and heat.

  • The combined energy efficiency of the plant can reach up to 90% by utilizing various waste heat.

  • It can save up to 40% energy compared to independent power generation and heating.

  • The usable waste heat in tail gas can be increased by about 18%.

  • Cogeneration can significantly reduce or even eliminate power transmission and distribution losses.

  • By adding boiler systems or other heat storage media, the operation time can be further extended and efficiency improved.

  • The electricity generated can be used to meet the needs of power plants or sent to the public grid.

  • Thermal energy can be used to produce hot water and steam as well as heat for various processes.

  • Lightweight, compact and modular design.


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